International Students

Hey, are you interested in sport? If the answer is yes, this page is for you. Our club AZS Politechnika Krakowska have competition section, sport sections and recreation sections.

Sport sections

Sport sections are for students who used to or still practice sport and want to represent Cracow University of Technology at student competitions. You are paying just one membership fee for year, which include sport Insurance for the current academic year (untill the end of September).

      • Qualification for the sport sections are done by the coach during section training hours.
      • In the AZS sports section of the Cracow University of Technology in the 20/21 academic year, students admitted to the section by the coach may participate, upon payment of the ISIC-AZS membership fee valid throughout the year

    The cost of membership fee depends on the amount of insurance you want:

      Sum insured 6500zł – cost 100zł
      Sum insured 25000zł – cost 150zł
      Sum insured 65000zł – cost 1050zł
  • Members of the ISIC-AZS university club receive 24-hour accident insurance 24 hours a day for a given academic year and an International Student ID (ISIC-AZS).
  • Members participating in sport sections have the opportunity to obtain credit for physical education.
Recreation sections

Recreation sections are for students who want to do some sport. The first semester (winter) costs as much as AZS membership fee, which include sport Insurance for the current academic year (untill the end of September). The second semester costs PLN 80.

How to join?

👉 Check training schedule 

👉 Come to one of the first trainings (don’t forget sportswear)

👉 Talk with coach

👉 If everything is fine complete the form below and pay membership fee on page:

If you have any questions ask us of facebook.