Trainings schedule 2019/2020

      • Qualification for the sport sections are done by the coach during section training hours.
      • In the AZS sports section of the Cracow University of Technology in the 19/20 academic year, students admitted to the section by the coach may participate, upon payment of the ISIC-AZS membership fee valid throughout the year

    The cost of membership fee depends on the amount of insurance you want:

      Sum insured 6500zł – cost 100zł
      Sum insured 25000zł – cost 150zł
      Sum insured 65000zł – cost 1050zł
  • Members of the ISIC-AZS university club receive 24-hour accident insurance 24 hours a day for a given academic year and an International Student ID (ISIC-AZS).
  • Members participating in sport sections have the opportunity to obtain credit for physical education.

How to join AZS