International Students

Hey, are you interested in sport? If the answer is yes, this page is for you. Our club AZS Politechnika Krakowska have competition section, sport sections and recreation sections.

Sport sections

Sport sections are for students who used to or still practice sport and want to represent Cracow University of Technology at student competitions. You are paying just one membership fee for year, which include sport Insurance for the current academic year (untill the end of September).

Recreation sections

Recreation sections are for students who want to do some sport. The first semester (winter) costs as much as AZS membership fee, which include sport Insurance for the current academic year (untill the end of September). The second semester costs PLN 80.

How to join?

👉 Check training schedule 

👉 Come to one of the first trainings (don’t forget sportswear)

👉 Talk with coach

👉 If everything is fine complete the form below and pay membership fee.

1. You need to choose the amount of your insurance (it’s a membership fee),

  • Insurance for PLN 6500 costs PLN 100
  • Insurance for PLN 25000 costs PLN 150
  • insurance for PLN 65000 costs PLN 1050

2. If it’s your first time going to practise sport on University of Technology in Kraków choose „Wyrób nową legitymację na rok akademicki 2019/2020.

3. Press „dalej” (it’s next);
4. Now you need to fill in blanks with your personal data.

  • If you don’t have PESEL, press „I’m a foreigner” and leave this field empty.
  • If you are also in different Polish University Sport Association choose „Jestem członkiem klubu AZS spoza mojej uczelni” and choose you AZS club.
  • Adres korespondencyjny is your address in Poland

5. Now you need to accept terms and GDPR and press „Dalej” (next).

6. On this page you can buy private medical care. You can also  do it later. It is completely voluntary and extra paid. Details on

If you are not interested just press „Dalej” (next)
7. Now you can see your card. If everything is fine press „Dalej”

8. On you e-mail you should receive mail with the form in the attachment, which you must print and bring to the AZS KU office, with the calculated amount for insurance.

AZS PK office ul. Kamienna 17, room 201

Monday10.00 – 14.00
Tuesday10.00 – 14.00
Wednesday10.00 – 14.00
Thursday14.00 – 19.00
Friday10.00 – 14.00

W przypadku problemów z wyświetleniem wniosku, można zrobić to na stronie, gdzie znajduje się przycisk wypełnij wniosek.

If you have any questions ask us of faceook.